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Purchase Upside Down Living 2 Storey Home Designs and Upper Living Home Designs in Australia

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Estuary View render 500If you are looking for Upside Down Home Designs and Upper Living 2 Storey Home designs in NSW , VIC, QLD, SA and TAS then Home Designs Online Australia have a great selection of Reverse Living Double Storey Homes you can Purchase and Build anywhere in Australia.

Contact Us for more information on Our 2 Storey Upper Living Home Designs and purchase through our Online Home design Shop.

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  1. Tanya Georgenia Donnan

    Reverse living with view & deck rear view Master upstairs and all other bedrooms down stairs

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  2. Kylie Sinclair

    I am interested in buying a reverse living floor plan thanks

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  3. David

    Like to see reverse living 2 story options..views from front of house..narrow block..10m

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  4. Cary James

    Interested in 2 story reverse living plans which will best suit a water aspect to the rear.

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  5. Joanne Wallace

    HI. I am trying to find plans for a reverse living, 2 storey house for a narrow site - 15m. Views at the front and rear, so wanting open plan upstairs living. Internal access garage not necessary Thank you

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  6. Kâren van Bockel

    Interested in seeing some two story house designs with living upstairs. Grand alfresco upstairs at rear. 4 bedrooms. Media room downstairs would be ideal. Thank you!

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  7. Dan

    Can I see upside down house range please

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  8. Lucy

    Would love to see some reverse living designs. Must have balcony at the front. 4-5 bedrooms, rumpus on bottom with laundry and some storage. Ideally an alfresco area on the bottom level at the back.

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  9. Kevin O'Rourke

    Hi, Looking for a Duplex reverse living design. Must have balcony/public space at front. must fit build footprint of 16m w x 18m depth

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  10. Jayne Schmarr

    after a small reverse living home - must fit on a small block. House size - width up to 11-13m Depth up to 12-14m double garage and full generous sized verandah across front to take advantage of views. Upstairs living with downstairs theatre/rumpus room, 3-4 bedrooms.

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  11. Cheryl newland

    Hi , I am looking for reverse living house, with 1 bed on top, second bathroom on bottom and laundry on bottom, garage on bottom , then storage on bottom.

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  12. Colleen Harris

    Would love to see your reverse living house plans

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  13. James Astles

    Hi there I?m looking for a 3/4 bedroom design reverse living with two of the bedrooms upstairs.

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  14. Jason Truscott

    I am looking at building on a coastal block in central Queensland and love your reverse living designs. Can you tell me if the designs are suitable to build up here please? Ie. cyclone rated, suitable to coastal environment. Where I am building isn?t subject the surf so salt water spray would be minimal but is still in close proximity to the ocean. Thank you for your time. Jason.

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  15. Stanley Thomas

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  16. Nickolas Skow

    I am interested in this type of home

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