Terms of Agreement

                                                      Purchase terms of agreement and authority to utilise plans.

The Client agrees. (Client is the purchaser of the design package)

This agreement is made between Home Designs online and the client upon the client
purchasing the selected home design and therefore agreeing and accepting all of the terms of
this agreement as specified.

Home Designs Online upon confirmation of payment and cleared funds being received agrees
to provide the purchased home design package to the client via email.

All prices as noted on our website are inclusive of Australian GST tax.

The Home design package is will include
1. A set of scaled floorplans in A3 PDF format with dimensions
2. A set of scaled front, rear and side elevations showing wall heights and roof pitch and
dimensions in A3 PDF Format.
3. A set of adjustable Cad (Computer Aided Design) files in Autocad format. DWG
4. A generic Home Designs Online construction specification.
5. A colour 3d front facade image of the design.

The client and any builder who will undertake any work for the client agrees that the use of
the purchased home design is a limited licence. The licence grants the client and or the
client’s builder use of the design including use of Home Designs Online copyright within and
this licence is only valid once a plan has been purchased by the client and by agreeing to the
terms of this agreement in full.

The use of the design purchased is limited and specifically for the clients personal building
purposes only at one address.

The client and or any builder they may engage to construct for them are authorised to make
any adjustments to the design, add content where required and utilize the design as required
by them to be able to gain local authority approvals and to progress through to building
licence and construction stages.

Ownership of additional structural and working drawings based from the design package and
new material drafted by the client or builder on behalf of the client shall be the property of
the client and or the builder for their construction purposes only and design copyright in these
drawings will remain with Home Designs Online.

It is agreed that any Home Designs Online design content or any design variations based
from that original design content by the client, the client’s builder or any 3rd party shall
remain the property of Home Designs Online.

Any parties in with access to the design agree they will not utilize any content whatsoever for
any sales, commercial, promotional, resale or full or partial reproduction purpose inside or
outside the terms of this agreement.

It is agreed all content will be utilized for the client’s
construction purposes only once that design has been purchased and a purchase receipt has
been received by the client from Home Designs Online.

The licence is valid for one individual build at one nominated building site location. This
licence and the authority to utilize our design will automatically expire once the clients home
has reached completion stage.

The agreement terms are applicable only to the design as purchased by the client and not to
any other Home Designs Online product.

All designs, floorplans, images and content on Home Designs Online’s website are subject to
strict copyright laws and must not be copied, saved, redistributed, shown or sent out to others
outside the agreement terms, reproduced or downloaded at any time. Any individual or
builder utilizing any Home Designs Online content outside the purchase agreement terms will
be subject to legal action.

The purchasing of a design is non-transferable and non-refundable once purchased.
Building and design requirements will differ from state to state and in different locations. All
states will have their own building regulations and building codes that will affect the design
and vary from one location to another. Each piece of land will have its own individual site
conditions that will vary. Any designs purchased will normally require some measure of
alteration to the design, construction material and specification to suit these requirements and
local site conditions.

The client is aware they are purchasing a design package. The package is not a full
construction drawing with approval to build. It is the full responsibility of the client and or
the clients builder to seek all the relevant local information and to adjust the design where
needed and to add content to comply with all building codes and requirements in their area. It
is the builder’s full responsibility to provide the client with the compliant structural drawings
at the clients own cost as to enable the client to gain the necessary permits approvals and
licences required by them to construct the home.

Even though our designs are drafted to be as accurate as possible Home Designs Online holds
no responsibility whatsoever for any noncompliance or non conformity of designs supplied
by us. It is the full responsibility of the client and or their builder to exact the design at
working drawing stages ready for the approval process.

The house area dimensions and calculations as noted on the website and the purchased design
pages may have very slight differences to the dimensions noted on the design package
forwarded to the client at purchase stage.

Home designs Online supply an Auto CAD compatible DWG file with your purchase. These
files allow a client or a clients builder, draftsman or designer to easily and quickly adjust your
design and add content where required on their computer system with compatible software.
Autocad files are generally compatible and interchangeable with the majority of architectural
building and drafting software available. Home Designs Online however does not guarantee
any files compatibility with outside companies drafting software or any outside computer

When a client purchases a design they fully accept the design as supplied by us and in the
format as delivered to them by us.

Once a design is purchased the full responsibility lies with the client in all further dealings
with the design. Home Designs Online holds no responsibility for any building licence,
structural compliance, compatibility of the design or whatsoever which is the full
responsibility of the client and or the clients builder undertaking further work with the design.

It is agreed the client or any other party dealing with the design shall hold harmless against
Home Designs Online. The client or any other party shall hold no claim whatsoever in
regards to the design purchased from Home Designs Online. Home Designs Online is granted
full indemnity from any claims, omissions, liabilities, legal action or losses or costs incurred
by them or from any other parties involved with the use of the purchased design.

Home Designs Online do not provide design packages in Western Australia due to the operation of another of our businesses operating in this state. To avoid confusion with this situation the actual names of some of our home design products as noted on Home Designs Online website may differ to the names on the actual files emailed out to our clients at purchase. Even though there may be a difference in the naming of the products this is the only difference and the actual product purchased is exactly the same as shown and depicted on our website.